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I AM BRIDE How to Take the WE Out of Wedding (and Other Useful Advice)


How to Take the WE Out of Wedding (and Other Useful Advice)

  • ISBN: 9781419722202
  • Publication Date: January 3, 2017


Price: $18.95

The first book from Upright Citizens Brigade comedian Laura Willcox, I AM BRIDE is a hysterical spoof of all the lavish, ridiculous, and stressful things a bride deals with when planning her BIG DAY.
**As seen on The New Yorker SHOUTS and Refinery29!**

In this bridal gag gift, Laura Willcox writes in the voice of an overbearing, outrageous wedding planner, covering all aspects of a wedding—from the moment of engagement (hopefully with the ring you’ve been not so subtly emailing him about for months), all the way through the final minutes of the big day. Accompanied by Jason O’Malley’s humorous illustrations, Willcox offers tongue-in-cheek advice for every wedding-planning moment, whether it’s dreaming up the perfect wedding-weekend hashtag, planning a gift registry to make everyone jealous of your fabulous lifestyle, or figuring out how to distance yourself from the poor, unfortunate souls who didn’t make the cut for your guest list.

Laura Willcox’s refreshing take on all things bride will turn tradition on its head, and have you rolling your eyes and reading passages out loud to your engaged (and married) friends. This funny book is a perfect gift for the friend who can’t stop pinning to her dream wedding board, bridezilla-to-be, or any bride who would benefit from a much-needed break from the stress and madness of wedding planning.


“While I AM BRIDE may be the first and only bridal preparation guide I’ve ever read, it is hands down the best. If I could travel back in time to 2006 when I proposed to my future wife, I would bring I AM BRIDE back with me and give it to her along with the engagement ring. Unfortunately, the consensus of the physics community is that time travel will never be possible. I have looked into it, and apparently the science on the matter is very sound. The point is, it’s a great book.”
Dan Powell, executive producer of Inside Amy Schumer

"Laura Willcox's I AM  BRIDE perfectly mocks the absurd wedding-planning industry. Whether you're having a big wedding to prove something to your ex, or a small wedding to make your loved ones feel excluded, this book will make you laugh through the overwhelming planning process."
Lauren Lapkus

 “As a recently married woman, I highly recommend I AM BRIDE.  It is funny, charming and the perfect gift for any soon to be Mrs. Maybe if I had had this book while planning my own wedding, I would have been less of a monster bitch and wouldn’t have thrown a chiavari chair at my flower girl.”
Tracey Wigfield, creator of NBC's Great News, writer The Mindy Project

"Great gift for anyone you know who's about to get married, or any who wants to pretend like they are!"
Sasheer Zamata, Saturday Night Live

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