How to Be a Fit Bird

How to Be a Fit Bird

  • ISBN: 9781837760503
  • Publication Date: January 7, 2025


Price: $12.99

Bestselling author-illustrator Marion Deuchars now takes her beloved bird through a daily workout in the natural sequel to Yoga for Stiff Birds

The perfect gift for anyone who prefers to be charmed—not bossed—into exercising. In this natural follow-up to the bestselling Yoga for Stiff Birds, Marion leads Bob the Bird through his daily workout. From holistic 10-minute workouts to more specific routines that focus on different parts of the body, her quirky characters and delightful hand-lettering bring a humor that stands out in this popular category. Say goodbye to workout dread and master the essential steps to fitness with a smile on your face. If this bird can do it, anyone can!