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Home Made Christmas

Home Made Christmas

  • ISBN: 9781683353232
  • Publication Date: October 16, 2018


Price: $26.43

Critically acclaimed cookbook author Yvette van Boven presents holiday planning ideas and delicious recipes in Home Made Christmas.

For years, Yvette van Boven has been writing Christmas recipes for newspapers and magazines. As someone who loves the holidays, she’s never short of ideas for celebrations and finally decided that now is the perfect time to publish them in a cookbook: Home Made Christmas.

The holidays can be overwhelming, but van Boven shows you how to make them easier with her “make ahead” recipes, giving you time to enjoy your company when they arrive. She even provides menu ideas to make all your planning easier! Home Made Christmas includes more than 100 easy to make and delicious step-by-step recipes for the holidays (organized by Prepare Ahead and To Finish It Off), like:

  • Christmas Wreath Bread
  • Ginger Hot Chocolate with Roasted Marshmallows
  • Light Brown Pavlova with Poached Pears and Chocolate
  • Wild Mushroom Soup with Hazelnuts
  • Portobello and Pear Salad
  • Pork Rib Roast with Prune and Pear Sauce
  • amongst many others!

Whether you’re celebrating your first Christmas with the love of your life or cooking for your entire family, this cookbook makes sure you’re fully prepared to entertain your holiday guests with a delicious, satisfying meal.

Includes color illustrations