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Hey There, Dumpling! 100 Recipes for Dumplings, Buns, Noodles, and Other Asian Treats

Hey There, Dumpling!

100 Recipes for Dumplings, Buns, Noodles, and Other Asian Treats

  • ISBN: 9781617691560
  • Publication Date: September 8, 2015


Price: $32.50

Kenny Lao loves dumplings. Growing up, his fondest memories were the dumpling parties that filled his house with friends and family. Everyone gathered in the kitchen and took a place in line to create the dumplings: making fillings, stuffing and wrapping, and all the way down to the stove for pan-frying and steaming.

In Dumplings!, Lao brings the party to you, showing you how easy it is to make delicious dumplings. With more than 100 recipes, there is no shortage of dishes. Lao embraces all flavors in his succulent dumpling creations: Classic Pork and Napa Cabbage, Szechuan Chicken, Barbecued Pork and Collards, Chicken and Thai Basil, Vegetarian Edamame, and more. The book is also filled with recipes for noodles, salads, soups, sweets, and drinks—all the necessary ingredients to complement the main event. Dumplings! is the go-to guide for throwing a killer party with flavorful dumplings.


“Jump in—the dumplings are mighty fine!”
Ted Allen, host, Food Network’s Chopped and All-Star Academy

“When Kenny teaches you how to make dumplings, you laugh and cry and sometimes blush; this book is no exception. With its culinary precision, ultra-tasty/ultra-hip recipes, and spicy humor, Hey There, Dumpling! pulls together every element that makes a dumpling irresistible.”
Sara Kate Gillingham,James Beard Award-winning author and founding editor, The Kitchn and Apartment

“Consider Kenny Lao a personal trainer for your hot Asian buns. His flavorful recipes work brilliantly and his optimism, enthusiasm, and encouragement keep you completely entertained along the way.”
Jeni Britton Bauer, Owner of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

“Kenny, this book, and the recipes within it are just like a dumpling--fun, satisfying, and full of good stuff.  He has a real knack for explanation and organization, which, along with his delicious recipes, proudly provide a refreshing sense of comfort and care in an otherwise chaotic world. May this book leap from the shelf and stick to the pot of your mind and belly.”
Justin Warner, Chef/owner of Do or Dine, Brooklyn, NY

“I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a cookbook in a long time.”
Tommy Habetz, Chef/owner of Bunk Sandwiches, Portland, OR

“Kenny Lao’s passion for food brings so much creativity and inspiration which shows on every page of this book. These recipes will excite you and prove cooking can be fun. Enjoy!”
Hong Thaimee, Author of True Thai and chef/owner of Ngam, New York, NY

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