Hello Day A Child’s-Eye View of the World

Hello Day

A Child’s-Eye View of the World

  • ISBN: 9781419768132
  • Publication Date: April 16, 2024


Price: $18.99

The picture book Hello Day presents a whimsical kid’s-eye view of a day, filled with wonders big and small . . . which sometimes clashes with their parent’s more practical plans.

Hello apple,
hello shelf
I can reach you
all by myself.

When a father and child finally get out of the house, the toddler says “hello” to everything from a snack to a squirrel to a sidewalk puddle. Meanwhile, Dad stays focused on getting the duo from point A to point B. But the eager and enthusiastic “hellos” from his kid remind Dad to pay attention to the here and now.

Told entirely in the child’s voice, and boldly illustrated in vibrant colors and joyful lines, this picture book from Charlie Mylie celebrates gentle parenting and invites kid and adult readers alike to get curious about the small wonders hiding in everyday moments.


"Consigned to a park bench with the apple when the library doesn’t allow food or drink, child and caregiver make a small but exciting final discovery in this effervescent here-and-now story that smartly centers a child’s noticing."
—Publishers Weekly

"“Hello” to an effervescent take on early childhood’s fascination with the world."