Hannah and Sugar

Hannah and Sugar

  • ISBN: 9781419718908
  • Publication Date: March 8, 2016


Price: $16.95

Every day after school, Hannah’s school bus is greeted by her classmate’s dog, Sugar. All of the other kids love Sugar, but Hannah just can’t conquer her fear of dogs. Then, one day, Sugar goes missing, so Hannah joins the search with her classmates. Will Hannah find a way to be brave, and make a new friend in the process?


"This is a sweet tale with a satisfying ending; expressive, childlike paint-and-ink illustrations drive the story well... Dog lovers will cheer that Hannah has joined their ranks."

"A marvelous picture book debut with an achingly authentic story of fear conquered... Readers will be cheering for both Hannah and Sugar—and for the wonderful new talent that produced them."
Publishers Weekly

"For children who are nervous around dogs, this selection will offer up some extra reinforcement that there is nothing to be afraid of. The story also encourages children to overcome their fears and do the right thing. The illustrations are done in pretty, soft neutrals that suit the pace and atmosphere of the story. The plot is simple, told with some repetition that makes it an enjoyable read-aloud."
School Library Journal

"Berube sketches the children’s faces with an economy of line, showing demonstrative emotion. The muted colors of vinyl paint and acrylic work well for this warmhearted story about overcoming fears."

“The warm story of how much Hannah is afraid of dogs, a common childhood fear… young children will enjoy this simple but meaningful story.”
School Library Connection

“Brave and lovely… endearing tale of interspecies reconciliation.”
The Wall Street Journal

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