Grumpy Pets

The Grumpy Pets

  • ISBN: 9781419718885
  • Publication Date: April 5, 2016


Price: $14.95

Billy’s not like the other kids. He’s a bit moody, a bit cranky, a bit . . . grumpy. In hopes of cheering him up, his mom takes him and his sister to the animal rescue one Saturday morning. All the animals are cute and playful, but they’re a little too happy for Billy’s taste. When Billy wanders into another section of the store, however, he stumbles across a different group of animals awaiting adoption. These pets are grouchy and scruffy. In fact, they seem downright grumpy—just like Billy! He catches the eye of a particularly grumpy pup—could this be the friend Billy has been looking for?

Grumpy Pets shows that there’s a perfect match for everyone, if you stay true to yourself.


"... Lombardi's expressive illustrations and straightforward dialogue together deliver a benevolent, breezy tale... a sweet story about a boy and a dog rescuing each other."

“Using soft colors, great expressions, and just enough detail, Lombardi’s illustrations perfectly capture the emotions among the animals and humans alike. The slew of grumpy animals—hedgehog, turtle, lizard, hamster—featured on the endpapers are a fun touch. This book will resonate with those animal lovers of all stripes and is a good way to start a discussion on what makes pets grumpy and how to act around them.”
School Library Journal

“Lombardi’s pencil-and-chalk illustrations are wonderfully expressive and empathetic. The cover features a charming array of frowning faces that will be a magnet for young readers. Some drawings portray scenes of cute kids, kittens, and puppies, but the glaring and narrow-eyed staring from the grumpy group will really tickle audiences. This lovely story begs to be read aloud, and it will resonate with animal lovers as well as with readers who have ever had a few (or more) grumpy moments of their own."

"Billy’s permafrown worries his mother. She takes him to an animal rescue to find a pet, but the cuteness leaves him cold. Feeling left out, he follows the growls and hisses to the back. An array of ornery pets awaits, including the dog of his dreams, a glum wiry-haired fellow with downward-tilting eyebrows like Billy’s. With pastel illustrations as winningly shaggy as her heroes, Lombardi (“Lovey Bunny”) strikes a blow for the littlest grouches — and the overlooked rescue pets who need them."                 
New York Times

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