Gremlin's Shoes (Big Foot and Little Foot #5)

The Gremlin's Shoes (Big Foot and Little Foot #5)

  • ISBN: 9781419743252
  • Publication Date: September 28, 2021


Price: $6.99

Gremlin’s Shoes is the fifth book in award-winning author Ellen Potter’s charming Big Foot and Little Foot chapter book series about the adventures of a human boy and a young Sasquatch—with illustrations by award-winning artist Felicita Sala.

Hugo and Boone were having a bad case of Nothing-to-do-itis: They have free time but can’t think of a single thing to do! Finally, they decide to head to Uncle Figgy’s Toy Store, where they discover the legendary Mad Marvin presenting his new invention: the Marvelous Monster Magnet!

The only problem is the toy costs 25 nubbins––a huge sum! Hugo and Boone set off on an adventure to earn the money, a journey that leads them to a treasure hunt through the woods. As always, the friends will find much more than they expected!

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"Delightful and accessible." 
Kirkus Reviews