Bog Beast (Big Foot and Little Foot #4)

The Bog Beast (Big Foot and Little Foot #4)

  • ISBN: 9781419743238
  • Publication Date: March 23, 2021


Price: $7.99

Award-winning author Ellen Potter’s The Bog Beast continues her charming Big Foot and Little Foot chapter book series following a human boy and young Sasquatch as they explore the mysterious woods—featuring art by award-winning illustrator Felicita Sala.

It’s a big day for Hugo, Boone, and the students at the Academy for Curious Squidges. Today’s the day they’ll get their Bimbling Badge, which allows them to explore the North Woods on their own. But humans, snakes, and sinkholes aren’t the only things they have to look out for! The legend of a lizard-like monster lurking in the swamp is enough to spook any young Sasquatch.

When Hugo, Boone, and Gigi find themselves stranded in the middle of Ripple Worm River, they discover that there are more mysterious creatures in the North Woods than they’d bargained for.

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