Great Chicken Escape

The Great Chicken Escape

  • ISBN: 9781944903220
  • Publication Date: May 1, 2018


Price: $16.95

Good morning, Chickens. Chickens run! Chickens roam. Chickens go home. Chickens, good night.

This simple and spare picture book about four chickens fleeing their coop for the day in the Alaska wild features Nikki McClure’s signature cut-paper artwork and a beautiful die-cut cover.


"Immensely charming and surprisingly moving, this satisfying adventure story honors nature, freedom, and the ringing bells inside us that steer us home."
Kirkus Reviews

"It’s a very spare, charming text and as always, Nikki McClure’s cut-paper art is quietly whimsical, joyful and unique."
Avery & Augustine

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