Gray Malin: Dogs

Gray Malin: Dogs

  • ISBN: 9798887075273
  • Publication Date: October 15, 2024


Price: $31.10

In Gray Malin: Dogs, the New York Times bestselling author and fine-art photographer captures the world's chicest canines in a delightfully playful series of photographs

In this collection of work, Gray Malin captures the adorable, the pampered, the well-dressed, and the glamorous pooches from Beverly Hills to London to New York City to Paris.

With poodles sunbathing in Palm Beach to Bernese mountain dogs perfectly perched on Aspen chairlifts, this book is filled with whimsical joy and the universal love of dogs

This never‑before‑published collection includes stunning images from the following stylish locations:
* Beverly Hills Hotel
* New York City
* Aspen
* The Parker Hotel
* Nantucket
* Palm Beach
* San Diego
* Paris
* London
* Boston
* Santa Barbara

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