• ISBN: 9781419716454
  • Publication Date: September 8, 2015


Price: $16.95

Best friends Renée and Flo have been inseparable for years. But now, as high school graduation looms, the girls’ rock-solid friendship is beginning to show cracks. Flo has her heart set on going to university, with Renée right by her side, but all Renée wants is to stop going to school as soon as possible. To distract themselves from the inevitable and frightening future, Renée gets swept up in a romance with an older man, while Flo starts attending a church group. With such different paths and views on life, the girls start to worry that it isn’t just high school that’s ending—but also their friendship.

Told through alternating perspectives in a gritty, poignant, and hilarious voice, Goose will appeal to fans of Rainbow Rowell, Louise Rennison, and Lauren Myracle.


"The pace is fast, the exploration of the redemptive powers of forgiveness and strong female friendship thorough...Hard to say who will love this most: the women who lived the 1990s or their teen daughters."
Kirkus Reviews

"This smart, touching, and often funny book will appeal to teens, especially those on the cusp of adulthood."
School Library Journal

"Best friends Flo and Renée return in this sequel to Paper Airplanes (2014), which follows their everyday exploits during their last year of high school in 1997... Despite the heightened drama, this friendship-forward story is also sensitive and full of earthy humor... Flo and Renée’s conversations about faith and its place in their lives is a topic infrequently portrayed in contemporary teen novels. Give this to older teens and new adult readers, especially those who are already fans of the first novel."

"This book is the follow-up to Paper Airplanes (Amulet Books, 2014), and the further development of Flo and Renee’s relationship... Their paths begin to stray however, as Flo discovers religion, while Renee’s disregard for her own well-being sends her hurtling toward destruction. Despite wandering in different directions, the connection between the girls still exists, but may not be enough to maintain their friendship as the girls prepare to leave Guernsey and enter the next chapter of their lives."
School Library Connection

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