Gault Millau Guide to German Wines

Gault Millau Guide to German Wines

  • ISBN: 9783884726754
  • Publication Date: August 1, 2005


Price: $29.95

In the last decade more and more German wines are again finding distribution in the U.S. The whites are light and elegant and offer great value; in particular the German Rieslings compete well with any other grape variety. Divided by the major districts, GAULT MILLAU: The Guide to German Wines describes the individual regions, and their history and geography, commenting on well established growers and little-known, very often family-run vineyards. This is an in-depth analysis and critique of the current German wine culture. It's layout is concise and clear, and the rating system is user-friendly. The range is vast and thorough, covering contact information for the producers, best estates, wines of the last three years, and a label primer. GAULT MILLAU embraces the whole spectrum of the world's most under-rated wine country and emphasizes the trend for elegant German Rieslings, Silvaner, and Muller Thurgau grapes, and the increasingly important Pinot Noirs.

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