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Gaia Goddess of Earth


Goddess of Earth

  • ISBN: 9781419748615
  • Publication Date: August 9, 2022


Price: $14.99

Author Imogen Greenberg and award-winning illustrator Isabel Greenberg’s graphic novel presents a spunky, feminist take on the Greek myth of Gaia: Goddess of Earth.

Long before the age of the Olympian gods, Gaia created the world in all its beauty. But from Gaia also came the Titans, who ran wild and free through this world—until her husband Ouranos turned on Gaia and declared himself the ruler of all she’d created. Her son Cronus then rose to power, but soon he too became hungry for more power—so much so that he swallowed his own children.

But Gaia managed to hide the youngest son, Zeus, from Cronus. Zeus grew up and defeated Cronus and saved his brothers and sisters. Gaia thought this would be the end of all the needless war, but Zeus was not satisfied—he swore to rid the world of anyone who challenged his power. Gaia was furious. She wanted no part in the world of Zeus. She would not fight his destruction with more destruction. It might be too late for Zeus, but it wasn’t too late for the mortals—or for the earth itself. Follow the goddess of earth through her struggles with gods and mortals as she discovers her strength and eventually finds the peace she has always longed for.

Tales of Great Goddesses are graphic novels that bring the stories of some of the most powerful and fascinating mythical goddesses to life!


"Snarky rendition of an old tale, highlighting both sisterhood and a cogent contemporary message."
Kirkus Reviews