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Ferocious Fluffity A Mighty Bite-y Class Pet

Ferocious Fluffity

A Mighty Bite-y Class Pet

  • ISBN: 9781613129692
  • Publication Date: July 19, 2016


Price: $15.26

Mr. Drake’s second grade class has a new class pet. Fluffity appears to be a cute and docile hamster—but the kids soon discover that she is not the cuddly pet they expected. From the moment her cage door opens, Fluffity becomes FEROCIOUS—biting and chasing everyone down the hall and into the library! Will the class be able to tame this beast and bring peace back to their school? The bestselling team behind Chicken Butt! and Chicken Butt’s Back! has crafted another laugh-out-loud tale that’s sure to be a hit with any child who’s ever wanted a pet. Erica Perl’s pitch-perfect rhymes and Henry
Cole’s over-the-top animal character make for the perfect classroom read-aloud.

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