Feminism Women and Womxn in British Art


Women and Womxn in British Art

  • ISBN: 9781849767163
  • Publication Date: April 11, 2023


Price: $15.00

Booker Prize–winning author Bernardine Evaristo’s Feminism is a powerful new interpretation of British art from an intersectional feminist perspective.

“Art museums have long drawn me into their spaces. The infinite possibilities of the language of art opens me up to methods of communication quite unlike my own. I am fascinated by the most interesting and adventurous artists, who are surely among the most innovative thinkers on the planet. I am in awe of their talent and endless inventiveness, and my imagination is nourished by theirs. I am challenged to think differently about how we might understand, recreate, reshape, reimagine life itself—animate, inanimate, spirit. My senses are stimulated, my emotions stirred, my brain whirs away in the background and I feel very much alive.

“When I was invited to write this book, my first time writing about art, I immediately knew that I would turn my attention on women and womxn (to include nonbinary people) of color in British art because, similar to the story throughout the arts, either as creator or curator, we haven’t been very visible. This book is personal—about the art I’ve seen, and the art I’ve loved—and my interpretation of the art in the national collection and beyond, from an intersectional feminist perspective.”

Includes Color Illustrations

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