Dumpster Dog!

Dumpster Dog!

  • ISBN: 9781592702527
  • Publication Date: June 11, 2019


Price: $8.95

His name is Dumpster Dog. He sleeps outside, walks himself, and eats whatever he wants, whenever he wants. But a life outdoors isn't everything—Dumpster Dog needs a friend.

"This chapter book?already popular in France, where it has been made into a hit TV show?is for kids who can appreciate a little more action and a lot more voice in their reading. (There's more than a hint of Lemony Snicket's dark hilarity in Gutman's writing.)"?Jenny Rosenstrach, The New York Times

Dumpster Dog dreams of treats, balls, and leashes?he wants someone to play with, someone who will take him on long walks, someone who will feed him?he wants an owner. So begins Dumpster Dog's search for a human companion. But he will soon learn that finding a good owner isn't as easy as it sounds, and that the world can be a dangerous place.