Doodle Circle A Fill-In Journal for BFFs to Share

The Doodle Circle

A Fill-In Journal for BFFs to Share

  • ISBN: 9781617690532
  • Publication Date: September 3, 2013


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Whether it’s The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants or the sisters from Little Women, there is no denying that young girls develop a strong bond as they grow up together. The Doodle Circle is an interactive fill-in journal that is passed around yearbook-style, allowing BFFs to document the tight bond they share by contributing to each other’s books.
Perfect for slumber parties or after-school hangouts, the colorful prompts encourage girls to work both together and independently to ponder, doodle, and collage. When the book is complete, each girl will have a special memento of friendship as well as words of love and encouragement that will remind her how amazing she is as she goes through this fun-filled (yet decidedly insecure) time of life.

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