Dolls' Houses

Dolls' Houses

  • ISBN: 9781838510404
  • Publication Date: May 23, 2023


Price: $30.00

This beautifully illustrated revised edition of Dolls’ Houses celebrates some of the best-loved dollhouses from the collection of London’s Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood (or Young V&A Museum), curated by author Halina Pasierbska.

Featuring specially commissioned photography detailing the astonishing skill and craftsmanship required to create these homes in miniature scale, this book presents a close-up look at the most interesting and historically significant examples of this absorbing craft, including the exquisite Nuremberg House of 1673 to the brightly colored 21st-century Kaleidoscope House.

From lavish country mansions to cozy suburban villas, Dolls’ Houses explores their fascinating roles as both domestic teaching aids and records of contemporary lifestyle, providing unique insights into the world of their owners.

Includes Color Photographs