Death Paintings and Portraits


Paintings and Portraits

  • ISBN: 9781849768658
  • Publication Date: March 26, 2024


Price: $15.00

Artist and writer Sean Burns explores the nature of Death and its tangled relationships with life and love as depicted in art.

Death haunts art. It lurks in the shadows of Edward Collier’s Still Life as a reminder of our fragile mortality. It overcomes all in Francis Bacon’s Triptych and Anna Lea Merritt’s Love Locked Out.

From personal responses to general meditations on the fleeting transience of life, Sean Burns looks at the breadth of historical and contemporary works in Britain’s national collection to explore how artists have immortalized death in art.

Look Again is a new series of short books from Tate Publishing, opening up the conversation about British art over the last 500 years, and exploring what art has to tell us about our lives today. Written by leading voices from the worlds of literature, art, and culture, each book sheds new light on some of the most well-known, best-loved, and thought-provoking artworks in the national collection, and asks us to look again.

Includes Color Illustrations

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