Danny Chung Sums It Up

Danny Chung Sums It Up

  • ISBN: 9781419748219
  • Publication Date: September 7, 2021


Price: $16.99

Maisie Chan’s Danny Chung Sums it Up is a touching and funny middle-grade story about a boy whose life is unraveled when his Chinese grandmother moves in—illustrated by Natelle Quek.

Eleven-year-old Danny’s life is turned upside down when his Chinese grandmother comes to live with his family in England. Things get worse when Danny finds out he’ll have to share his room with her, and she took the top bunk! At first, Danny is frustrated that he can’t communicate with her because she doesn’t speak English—and because he’s on the verge of failing math and Nai Nai was actually a math champion back in the day. It just feels like he and his grandmother have nothing in common.

His parents insist that Danny help out, so when he’s left to look after Nai Nai, he leaves her at the bingo hall for the day to get her off his back. But he soon discovers that not everyone there is as welcoming as he expected . . . Through the universal languages of math and art, Danny realizes he has more in common with his Nai Nai than he first thought.

Filled with heart and humor, Danny Chung Sums It Up shows that traversing two cultures is possible and worth the effort, even if it’s not always easy.

“Maisie Chan has delivered the perfect equation for a sweet middle-grade read: one loveable and relatable character plus a delightful (and sometimes trouble-making) grandmother equals one heart-warming story about friendship, family, and finding yourself.” —Elizabeth Eulberg, author of The Great Shelby Holmes series


"Told with humor and authenticity, this refreshingly sweet story also touches on the challenges Danny and his family face as British Chinese people. . .Funny and heartwarming; a balanced equation of family, culture, and being true to yourself." 
Kirkus Reviews

"Chan wholeheartedly portrays intergenerational relationships and cross-cultural exchange in a way that resonates. . .Classic middle grade humor and detailed b&w sketchbook drawings by Quek add humor to an insightful read." 
Publishers Weekly

"This is a richly illustrated, humorous, and heartfelt realistic fiction tale with a diverse set of relatable protagonists." 
School Library Journal

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