Creeps Book 2: The Trolls Will Feast!

The Creeps

Book 2: The Trolls Will Feast!

  • ISBN: 9781419718823
  • Publication Date: March 8, 2016


Price: $17.95

In Pumpkins County, monster attacks are a common enough occurrence, but when Jarvis is attacked by an invisible monster, the Creeps know they’ve found their next case. Through Mitchell’s extensive monster expertise, the gang identifies the culprit: a Troll. Unfortunately, Trolls travel in packs. They hibernate together, and they feast on humans together. The tastiest type of human? Those who have been marinating in their own stress hormones. And there’s an awful lot of stress to go around these days, what with the town’s gossip site spewing out nonstop misinformation and alarmist messages. Could the Trolls be behind the county-wide breakdown in communication? With the town’s anxiety levels soaring off the charts, it’s up to the Creeps to find out—before the Trolls’ big feast.

This hilarious graphic-novel series celebrates the power of underdogs and the importance of finding your tribe—even if your tribe is weird and just, well . . . creepy.


"Schweizer's pacing excels, and his worldbuilding is a clever delight, making for a boisterous narrative smartly depicted in comic format... No slump here; a satisfying and rollicking sophomore offering that improves on the first."

"This second book in the Creeps series is just as wacky, spooky, icky, and fun as the first, and Schweitzer’s colorful art makes the monsters just scary and creepy enough to thrill young readers... Thanks to the mixed-gender band of heroes at it heart, this will appeal to a wide range of young readers hungry for horror-lite monster stories."

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