Convivir Modern Mexican Cuisine in California's Wine Country


Modern Mexican Cuisine in California's Wine Country

  • ISBN: 9798887073460
  • Publication Date: September 17, 2024


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From Michelin-starred chef Rogelio Garcia, a collection of over 150 recipes for vibrant, contemporary Mexican food in the heart of California’s wine country

Convivir, which means “to live together,” celebrates the flavorful interweaving of traditional Mexican cuisine with the agricultural and artisanal abundance of California’s wine country.
Born in Mexico and raised in Northern California, Michelin-starred chef Rogelio Garcia takes inspiration from the local farms, ranches, and sustainable fisheries and showcases his gastronomical heritage with more than 150 delectable recipes, including Sopes with Sonoma Artichokes Three Ways, San Francisco Sourdough Flour Tortillas, Agridulce Chicken Wings with Verde Goddess Dressing, and Lavender Custard Pie with Masa Sucree Crust. In addition to providing basic techniques, recipe variations, wine-pairing suggestions, and curated menus that focus on traditional Mexican holidays, Convivir invites you to come together in the sacred space of a shared table and delight in the rich culinary history of Mexico.


“To make true Mexican cuisine, you must start with heart and soul. In this book, Rogelio bares his soul and displays his love through cooking.”
—VAL CANTÚ, chef and owner of Californios, the first US restaurant serving Mexican cuisine to earn tw

“This story—an immigrant who rises in American cuisine while still holding close the origins and soul of their passion—needs to be told. The recipes are beautiful, combining Mexican flavors and California ingredients. I’m thrilled to see Rogelio embrace his Mexican roots through food in this delightful and sophisticated book.”
—TRACI DES JARDINS, two-time James Beard Award–winning chef and restaurateur

Convivir is the antidote for those who don’t see the grandeur of Mexican cuisine married with a love of America’s best wine belt; it sits at the intersection of wine and good communal eating, with roots in traditions millennia old stretching across oceans and continents. This is a beautiful, fresh take meant to make you rush into the kitchen.”
—MICHAEL TWITTY, author of the James Beard Award–winning The Cooking Gene

“In Convivir, Chef Rogelio Garcia uses creative and sumptuous food to share his compelling and improbable personal journey. Gratefully, this beautifully photographed and well-written cookbook inventively expands the narrow conceptions that so many hold about Mexican cuisine.”
—ADRIAN MILLER, culinary historian, author, and two-time James Beard Award winner

“I’m not surprised to see that my friend, colleague, and fellow Top Chef contestant Rogelio Garcia has created such an elegant, thoughtful cookbook that represents his heritage and rigorous culinary training. He is both humble and competent. From the first Quickfire Challenge and conversations I had with him, it was clear that Rogelio was focused and determined to elevate Mexican food to a new level. He has done that in Convivir, with mouthwatering recipes in a book that is at once personal and professional, inspiring and inclusive. There’s so much thought and intention behind each recipe. This is a lesson in educating and inspiring cooks and chefs of all levels.”
—TANYA HOLLAND, celebrity chef and author of Brown Sugar Kitchen and Tanya Holland’s California Soul

“I’ve had the privilege of watching Rogelio mature and grow throughout his journey from a young cook at the French Laundry to the accomplished, Michelin-starred chef he is today. Convivir provides an inspirational view of this journey, capturing his authentic hospitality, fueled by his love for cuisine, culture, and the people that have helped shape him as a chef, both past and present. The recipes, stories, and photos in these pages are sure to resonate with both aspiring young chefs following a similar journey and anyone, like me, looking for the keys to unlock the secrets behind amazing Mexican cuisine!”
—PHILIP TESSIER, Michelin-starred chef, 2017 gold medalist and 2015 silver medalist of the Bocuse d’O

“This is a story of triumph in Chef Rogelio’s quest to be one of the best in showcasing Mexican conviviality with the beautiful bounty of Northern California—and a celebration of the creative spirit and impeccable talent that immigrants bring to the culinary landscape in America, against all odds.”
—REEM ASSIL, chef, author, and two-time James Beard Award finalist

“I love when something exciting and unidentifiable is in the air, waiting for someone clever to snatch it, define it, and share it. Convivir captures the unique flavor and feeling of Chef Rogelio’s Mexican kitchen in wine country. With one foot firmly planted in Mexico and the other in California (and maybe both hands juggling wine and mezcal), this book will make you want to call your gang, have a party, and celebrate.”
—STEVE SANDO, founder of Rancho Gordo and author of six cookbooks

“Rogelio and Andrea are superb artisans of their respective crafts, with both distinctive recipes and incisive prose. A must for any fan of modern Mexican cuisine.”
—TODD MASONIS, founder Dandelion Chocolate and author of Making Chocolate: From Bean to Bar to S’more

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