Comical Eye’s British Monarchy From Alfred the Great to Charles III

The Comical Eye’s British Monarchy

From Alfred the Great to Charles III

  • ISBN: 9781914224140
  • Publication Date: December 5, 2023


Price: $12.99

The story of the British Royal Family told over a thousand years, with the reigns of every monarch sketched in a sharp, funny, and useful vignette of words and pictures—and the perfect gift for historians and royal watchers alike.

Which kings couldn’t speak English, or stammered when they could? Who were “Softsword” and “Sailor Bill”? Which king had 10 children with his mistress but none with his queen? Which kings were crowned twice? Which queen reigned for only nine days? Which king disappeared?

Here is a comic strip with a difference, an alternative (and funnier) Bayeux Tapestry tracing every king and queen from Alfred the Great to Charles III—each of their vivid pen-and-ink-portraits encapsulating the personal quirks and dramatic social change of their reigns. The politics, passions, and pageantry of the English and later British Royal Family unfolds from 871 to 2023, showcasing the tyrants, eccentrics, warriors, and murderers, as well as the saints, scholars, patrons, and philosophers whose joint story this is.

A single-sheet poster-size booklet with the complete family tree of the families and dynasties on the back, The Comical Eye’s British Monarchy is an educational and fun guide that will make sure you never view British history the same way again.

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