Château Clarke Edmond de Rothschild

Château Clarke

Edmond de Rothschild

  • ISBN: 9781419774225
  • Publication Date: September 10, 2024


Price: $65.00

A delicious invitation into one of the largest Médoc vineyards owned by the Rothschild family

Château Clarke, a vast estate of Bordeaux wine, has maintained a winemaking tradition for over two centuries. Named after the Irish family that owned the property in the 18th century, the vineyard was later acquired by Baron Edmond de Rothschild in 1973. With a vision and love for wine, Rothschild transformed Château Clarke into the icon it is today—one of the largest Médoc vineyards on a 145-hectare estate where wines and gardens bloom in harmony.

Unfolding across four sections—Roots, Leaves, Flowers, and Fruits—Château Clarke tells the story of this estate, from Rothschild’s restoration and redesign of the entire vineyard to the aromatic brilliance of the wine. While the Edmond de Rothschild family continues to carry on this legacy, their archival materials grace the pages, in addition to an analysis of vintage wines and still-life photography that capture the gardens’ beauty and art. Château Clarke is a gorgeous invitation to explore the joy and taste of living.