• ISBN: 9781906838768
  • Publication Date: May 20, 2014


Price: $24.95

In Los Angeles, Ray is sitting in gridlock when he receives a call from an LAPD officer with news about his wife. Fearing the worst, he listens intently—but suddenly the caller and everyone else around him disappears. In London, the moment two commuters catch sight of each other on a packed Monday morning tube train, everyone around them vanishes. In Japan, comic artist Yoshi has come to the Aokigahara Forest to hang himself. But when the attempt fails and he slides free, the forest comes alive with mythological creatures. Taking us through the empty freeways of Los Angeles, the deserted streets of London, and the dream world of the Aokigahara Forest, Celeste is an ambitious and profound graphic novel that explores what it means to be alive.


“Culbard’s often silent pages, filled with a rich and sumptuous palette and clean-lined figures, are beautifully painterly more than pulpy, and the winding together of the tales is as artful as the events are unsettling.”