Call Your Mother A Picture Book

Call Your Mother

A Picture Book

  • ISBN: 9781641708791
  • Publication Date: March 5, 2024


Price: $15.29

From author Tracy C. Gold and illustrator Vivian Mineker, Call Your Mother is a heartwarming tribute to the timeless bond between mothers and children, from infancy to parenthood.

When you’re hungry, when you’re sad,
When you don’t know why you’re mad,
Goo ga! Ma ma! Call your mother.

From life’s highs to life’s lows, there’s one person who is always the first one we call: our mother. She’s the one we want to comfort us, to wipe our tears, and to share our triumphs.

In this beautiful and relatable picture book, follow a mother and daughter through the years as they face each new stage together and learn you are never too old to need your mother. The perfect gift for the mothers or grandmothers in your life who always answer the call.


"Mineker’s dreamy illustrations take the protagonist from baby to mother herself, with bright and vibrant colors that allow the mother-daughter bond to leap from the pages. . . A beautiful tribute to mothers and daughters of all ages; recommended for early childhood libraries and book selections for ­Mother’s Day."
—School Library Journal

This beautiful story celebrates the irreplaceable relationship between a mother and her daughter. With each flip of a page, we are taken to a new stage in life when a daughter might need to call her mother. We see a daughter call her mother after she falls and gets hurt, when she needs a hug, after she wins her sports game, when she's heartbroken, and even when needs help with her own baby. During life's joyous occasions or the darkest times, there is never an instance when you cannot call your mother. The book depicts how no matter what happens your mother will always be there for you. I believe this story is precious to children and adults alike. We are reminded we are never too old to call our mother. Not to be overlooked, the illustrations are incredible pieces of art overflowing with emotion and warmth. Gold's book would not only make a thoughtful gift to one's mother or grandmother but it can be passed down from one generation to the next.
—Children's Literature

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