Bugs: A Skittery, Jittery History

Bugs: A Skittery, Jittery History

  • ISBN: 9781419761133
  • Publication Date: February 13, 2024


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Bugs: A Skittery, Jittery History isan epic, oversize nonfiction picture book and companion to Sharks: A Mighty Bite-y History that is all about bugs and their prehistoric predecessors.

Insects are some of the oldest creatures on Earth, evolving well before other land animals, alongside ferns and trees. This epic survey follows bugs and their cousins from their earliest appearance in the Paleozoic era up through today.

Along the way, readers will meet many different kinds of insects from various points in history, such as the trilobite of the Cambrian explosion and the more-recent and familiar termite. The text explores insect skills including camouflage, communication, metamorphosis, and much more, and a bug hall of fame captures the smallest, largest, fastest, and cutest bugs around today.

With lush, colorful illustrations from Gordy Wright and meticulous research from author Miriam Forster, Bugs: A Skittery, Jittery History is sure to delight bug enthusiasts, science fans, and any reader who loves to discover new wonders about the world around them.


"Gordy’s masterly gouache illustrations make every page—even those depicting the creepiest of creatures—a pleasure; his images and many timelines are both informative and gorgeous. Aspiring entomologists, paleontologists, and artists won’t want to miss this one."

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