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Brooklyn Home Modern Havens in the City

The Brooklyn Home

Modern Havens in the City

  • ISBN: 9781419766701
  • Publication Date: September 26, 2023


Price: $50.00

Featuring a collection of homes that embody the influential Brooklyn Home Company’s aesthetic, this book introduces readers to the design firm’s signature method.

By fusing design and development with a cohesive vision for mindful living and modern style, brother-and-sister-team builder Bill Caleo and designer Lyndsay Caleo founded the popular Brooklyn Home Company, which operates as a local, family-run design collective. The Brooklyn Home features ten iconic Brooklyn homes that they have designed and unpacks the secrets to creating light, comfort, and calm, even within the chaos of a big city.

With a focus on sustainable living and personalized charm, each home is uniquely stunning. From a company known for designing and building locally sourced, perfectly artful spaces, complete with minimalist interiors, these projects feature bespoke details with integrated art pieces and hand-carved elements by artist-in-residence Fitzhugh Karol. The Brooklyn Home is for interior design enthusiasts who want an inside look at the borough’s most stylish, livable, and sustainable homes.

Includes Color Images


“With clean, curated interiors and an effortless embrace of architecture, the Brooklyn Home Company is behind some of my favorite spaces. From one page to the next, this book is a beautiful way to immerse yourself in their work.” 
—Jenni Kayne

“Since its launch in 2006, the Brooklyn Home Company has developed an identifiable design vocabulary for both brownstones and medium-scale condominiums . . . Lyndsay Caleo Karol, [Bill] Caleo’s sister and the company’s creative director, conceived a toolkit of white-finished surfaces, natural woods, and traditionally crafted millwork in response to the daylight conditions and historic inspirations of Brooklyn.”
—David Sokol for Architectural Digest

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