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Block City: How to Build Incredible Worlds in Minecraft

Block City: How to Build Incredible Worlds in Minecraft

  • ISBN: 9781419716188
  • Publication Date: May 19, 2015


Price: $22.50

Minecraft—a humble computer game about placing blocks—is a global phenomenon that has captured the imagination of more than 36 million players around the world. Often described as a digital version of LEGO, Minecraft offers an open-ended playing field where players design and build environments that others can explore. For many users, the game’s “creative mode” is its most appealing feature: The game is helping to shape a generation of young architects, designers, and artists.
The most impressive and spectacular achievements in Minecraft design are its cities, which range in style from contemporary realism to fantasy, from historical to futuristic. The product of thousands of hours of work by devoted Minecraft players, these virtual places are the envy of millions who aspire to master the skills to create them. Block City presents a collection of amazing Minecraft cities created by masters, with step-by-step tutorials for readers to build structures and features themselves.


Block City is well crafted, thoughtful, and valuable for both veterans of the game and those coming to it for the first time. While not explicitly written for kids, Block City represents an opportunity to bridge the gap between generations by starting conversations.”

“For all you Minecrafters out there, yes, all 36 million of you. This is the book you NEED.”
The Creators Project