Un pájaro en casa (Bird House Spanish edition)

Un pájaro en casa (Bird House Spanish edition)

  • ISBN: 9781419748554
  • Publication Date: April 20, 2021
Price: $17.99

Una abuela y su nieta ayudan a un pájaro herido en esta conmovedora historia en español sobre el amor, la fascinación por la naturaleza, y sobre cómo dejar marchar

Un día de invierno una abuela y su nieta encuentran un pájaro herido.

Lo recogen y lo llevan a casa para curarlo, hasta que es capaz de volar por el salón. Es maravilloso . . . ¡Todo es maravilloso en casa de la abuela!

Pero un momento maravilloso también puede ser agridulce: el pájaro se ha recuperado y es hora de dejarlo volar libre.

Inspirada en una experiencia de su infancia, la historia que crea Blanca Gómez es aparentemente simple, pero intensa moral y emocionalmente. Una historia llena de amor y fascinación, y de un profundo respeto por la naturaleza.


"Spanish author/illustrator Gómez’s semiautobiographical tribute to her own abuela is a charming window into an idyllic childhood infused with love for all living things. This little gem elicits a sense of deep-seated comfort and refuge for these uncertain times." 
Kirkus Reviews

"A loving intergenerational relationship between a light brown–skinned narrator and their abuela is the heartening center of this tender narrative. A refreshing ending imparts a message of the significance of natural preservation and respecting animals’ agency." 
Publishers Weekly

"Spare, simple, first-person text, narrated from the child’s point of view, leaves room for the sweet, collagelike illustrations to pull readers’ attention into the story and hold them in this magical space. The illustrations exude the warmth and coziness of a dear relationship between a young child and loving caregiver, and this cherished relationship is enhanced by the new friend they make together."
The Horn Book Magazine

"The concise, well-worded text sets the tone and tells the story, while leaving plenty of space for the expressive digital illustrations to work their magic. Viewers can feel the chill in the winter-walk scenes and the brightness when spring arrives, but the warmth between the child and her grandmother is evident throughout the book." 
Booklist review for Bird House

"The eloquent, poetic Spanish translation mirrors the comfort and joy the narrator feels in her grandmother's home, surrounded by compassion, nostalgia, and empathy for all living things, even when that means letting them go. Young readers will delight in the collage-like illustrations, where a bright yellow bird flits about, spreading joy and wonder." 
Booklist review for Un pájaro en casa

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