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Dress-Up Day A Picture Book

Dress-Up Day

A Picture Book

  • ISBN: 9781419744105
  • Publication Date: March 22, 2022


Price: $17.99

After missing her class costume party, a girl decides she doesn’t need an excuse to dress up in this charming picture book, a relatable school story from author-illustrator Blanca Gómez.

When a little girl is home sick for dress-up day at school, she decides there’s no need to miss out entirely: She’ll just wear her rabbit costume the next day!

But when the next day arrives and she’s the only one in costume, it doesn’t feel like such a great idea after all. Can a little bit of confidence and an unexpected new friend turn a self-conscious moment into a wonderful one?

Funny, endearing, and relatable to any kid who’s ever felt insecure, Dress-Up Day is an ode to friendship, embracing individuality, and putting yourself out there no matter the occasion.


"There’s an emotional change on almost every page of this picture book as Gómez presents the possibility that moments of chagrin don’t last forever, and that disasters can morph into delight." 
Publishers Weekly

"Despite working in deceptively simple forms, Gómez effectively portrays the narrator’s emotions through body language and facial expressions, enhancing and expanding the text. This lovely little book celebrates one child’s experience in a welcoming, diverse environment and will speak to a broad ­audience." 
School Library Journal

"Gómez’s charming paper collage and digital illustrations have a flat rendering style reminiscent of child art and faithfully capture the distinctive gestures and deeply felt emotions of young children. . .Genial and satisfying in its sweet, childlike simplicity." 
Kirkus Reviews

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