Billie Blaster and the Robot Army from Outer Space

Billie Blaster and the Robot Army from Outer Space

  • ISBN: 9781647002657
  • Publication Date: August 15, 2023


Price: $16.19

Billie Blaster and the Robot Army from Outer Space is an out-of-this-world new middle-grade graphic novel about a genius scientist and her evil nemesis, created by New York Times bestselling author Laini Taylor and cartoonist Jim Di Bartolo.

Don’t you hate it when your archenemy launches your latest invention into space, accidentally creating a robot army that falls into the clutches of an evil alien emperor? Well, that’s how Billie Blaster’s day is going!

The genius child of two famous scientists, Billie is an inventor extraordinaire and the star of the annual science fair, much to the disgust of her nemesis, Tiny Hector Glum. But now their rivalry has gone too far, and the fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance. Can Billie prevent an intergalactic war that’s kind of totally her fault? With her pet goat, Lucy, a giant robot head, and a toilet weasel from a distant planet, she might just stand a chance. Join them on their perilous adventure, in a spaceship without a bathroom.


Energetic and upbeat, this graphic novel refuses to take itself too seriously -- is laugh-out-loud funny in places and heartwarming in others.

“Young readers who appreciate body humor and fart jokes will likely enjoy this adventure. Considering the ending, a sequel seems likely to blast off soon.”
—School Library Journal

"The story honors Billie’s can-do spirit and inventiveness over force and firepower...things slow down long enough for a consideration of personal responsibility and the privileged advantages one might be taking for granted...The limber, witty art captures the tale’s action and humor at breakneck pace."

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