Mighty Bite #2: Walrus Brawl at the Mall A Graphic Novel

The Mighty Bite #2: Walrus Brawl at the Mall

A Graphic Novel

  • ISBN: 9798887073125
  • Publication Date: June 11, 2024


Price: $14.39

Trilobite and his friends are back, and the hunt for fame and fortune continues in Walrus Brawl at the Mall, second in the hilarious Mighty Bite graphic novel series from the #1 New York Times bestselling cartoonist behind the Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales series!

The beloved team of prehistoric—and hysterical—creatures is back! This wacky, hilarious, and totally unique graphic novel series is perfect for fans of Dog Man and the InvestiGators.

Trilobite scores a viral video hit when he stages a comedy opera prank. Amber gets pulled into the wild world of walrus fighting, and Tiffany’s past as a competitive video game player comes back to haunt her. Opabinia and company are also back to cause trouble at every step.

The gang will cause mayhem on a hospital ship and a giant floating mall shaped like a ball before they find out that fame always comes at a price. Plus much more in this wild and wonderful graphic novel!

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Walrus Brawl at the Mall (#2)


"This second series entry keeps the pages flying with its over-the-top zaniness and abundant silliness, but it has a slyly smart undercurrent throughout, with the author/illustrator offering quiet social commentary and deftly tying up seemingly unrelated narrative threads. His illustrations are singular and stylish...A sensationally silly sugar rush of a read."