Ben Schonzeit Paintings

Ben Schonzeit


  • ISBN: 9780810965539
  • Publication Date: April 1, 2002


Price: $45.00

Ben Schonzeit (b. 1942) paints magically evocative pictures with a Surrealist edge. A pioneer in the SoHo art scene of the 1960s and one of the leaders of the Photorealist movement of the 1970s, he is best known for his gorgeous still lifes of flowers—large, arresting canvases that explore the artist's dream world. This handsome, full-color volume by a leading art expert features many of these striking works in spectacular full-page, double-page, and double gatefold plates. Schonzeit has had numerous one-man exhibitions, and his works can be found in the permanent collections of major museums around the world. Schonzeit's riveting life story makes this first monograph on the artist sure to bring new

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