Beautiful Bedrooms Around the World

Beautiful Bedrooms Around the World

  • ISBN: 9781584797258
  • Publication Date: October 1, 2008


Price: $40.00

Whether in a cave, alcove, boudoir, or four-poster bed, humans have always created sleeping places that shield us from the elements, from light and noise, and protect our defenseless bodies from the outside world. The history of the bedroom, the realm of dreams, rest, sleep, and love, is fascinating, as is the evolution of the bed and the central role it has played in social and cultural life through the ages.

This book assembles hundreds of the most exceptional bedrooms from around the world—New York and New Delhi, Paris and Bangkok, the Pacific islands and the African interior—captured by renowned photographer and inveterate traveler Deidi von Schaewen. In the French Riviera, Pierre Cardin's sixties-era bedroom features a round bed and curved walls. In Gujarat, India, nomads unfold colorful patchwork blankets to sleep on the floor of their hut. In Shikoku, Japan, hanging paper lamps and movable screens create a serene bedroom and meditation area.

Contemporary or classical, minimalist or extravagant, European or Asian—each bedroom has a unique design that expresses the inhabitant's lifestyle, taste, and passions. By bringing together so many gorgeous examples in one sumptuous volume, Beautiful Bedrooms Around the World offers an intimate cross-cultural view of the way people live—and sleep—all over the globe.

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