Backyard Chicken Keeper's Bible Discover Chicken Breeds, Behavior, Coops, Eggs, and More

The Backyard Chicken Keeper's Bible

Discover Chicken Breeds, Behavior, Coops, Eggs, and More

  • ISBN: 9781647009489
  • Publication Date: March 14, 2023


Price: $31.10

The Backyard Chicken Keeper’s Bible is anexhaustively researched, clearly written, and profusely full-color illustrated book and the essential volume on backyard chicken keeping.

Chickens are many things: a source of meat and eggs, amusing images in pop culture, lovable pets, and a source of comfort at the end of a hard day. Whether you’re considering joining the growing flock of backyard chicken keepers or simply inspired by leafing through images of gorgeous hens and roosters, this book is a must. A majority of the 150 most-populated US cities allow backyard chickens, and during the pandemic, the backyard chicken trend surged. Online searches for chick supplies were off the charts, with local hatcheries recording a 500 percent increase in demand, as people look to reduce environmental impact, improve food traceability, connect with nature, or simply relish the pure joy of chicken company.

Environmental and homestead writers Jessica Ford, Rachel Federman, and Sonya Patel Ellis pack this book with everything you need to fully embrace a new chicken-keeping lifestyle. A sumptuous aesthetic is paired with practical tips on identifying backyard breeds and supporting good chicken health, ranging from basic brooding to common ailments. Learn what the best backyard breed is for you and the equipment needed to start your own home flock. Discover the soft cuddliness of a Bantam Silkie, the superb egg-sitting skills of a Plymouth Rock, the best method for constructing a chicken run, and how to keep your chickens happy and thriving—all in this beautiful, illustrated gift book.

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