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Artful Baker Extraordinary Desserts From an Obsessive Home Baker

The Artful Baker

Extraordinary Desserts From an Obsessive Home Baker

  • ISBN: 9781419726491
  • Publication Date: October 17, 2017


Price: $55.00

A collection of more than 100 extraordinary desserts—all with photos and meticulous instructions—by Cenk Sönmezsoy, creator of the internationally acclaimed blog Cafe Fernando.

Written, styled, photographed, and designed by Cenk Sönmezsoy, The Artful Baker shares the inspiring story of a passionate home baker, beginning with his years after graduate school in San Francisco and showcasing the fruits of a baking obsession he cultivated after returning home to Istanbul. Sönmezsoy’s stories and uniquely styled images, together with his original creations and fresh take on traditional recipes, offer a thoughtful and emotional window into the life of this luminary artist.

The Artful Baker is comprised of almost entirely original content, with a few updated versions of readers’ favorites from his blog, such as Brownie Wears Lace, his signature brownies topped with blond chocolate ganache and bittersweet chocolate lace (originally commissioned by Dolce & Gabbana and awarded “Best Original Baking and Desserts Recipe” by Saveur magazine); Raspberry Jewel Pluot Galette, a recipe inspired by Chez Panisse’s 40th-year anniversary celebrations; and Devil Wears Chocolate, his magnificent devil’s food cake that graces the cover of the book.

Each chapter highlights a variety of indulgences, from cookies to cakes and tarts to ice creams, including recipes like Pistachio and Matcha Sablés; Tahini and Leblebi (double-roasted chickpeas) Swirl Brownies; Sakura Madeleines; Sourdough Simit, the beloved ring-shaped Turkish bread beaded with sesame seeds; Isabella Grape and Kefir Ice Cream; Pomegranate Jam; and Blanche, a berry tart named after the Golden Girl Blanche Devereaux.

Every recipe in The Artful Baker has gone through a meticulous development phase, tested by an army of home bakers having varying levels of skill, equipment, and access to ingredients, and revised to ensure that they will work flawlessly in any kitchen. Measurements of ingredients are provided in both volume and weight (grams). Where a volume measurement isn’t useful, weight measurements are provided in both ounces and grams.


“Some books are beautiful, some are useful, and the rare ones are both. The Artful Baker is a rare book from a rare talent. Cenk is a gifted storyteller, an extraordinary pastry chef, and a man with a remarkable eye–his images make you dream.”
James Beard award winner, author of Dories Cookies, Dorie Greenspan

“A beautiful collection of classic and exotic desserts, The Artful Baker will entice you into the kitchen with spectacular photographs and clear instructions. But it's the flavors that will sweetly seduce you. All the ingredients of a superb baking book!”
bestselling author of My Paris Kitchen, David Lebovitz

The Artful Baker presents clearly written recipes, easy to master techniques, strikingly beautiful presentations, and exquisite flavor – in other words, this book has it all. Cenk has spent years honing his talents in baking, writing, styling, and photography and they have all come together in this most gloriously creative book.”
James Beard award winner, author of Bread and Pastry, Nick Malgieri

“In addition to being a skillfull technician of his trade, Cenk is an artist of exquisite taste, and an excellent and informative writer…Cenk is one of the most original authors whose work I have ever encountered.”
Rose Levy Beranbaum

“Sönmezsoy has gone from learning cake baking basics to crafting extraordinary macarons, simits, and tarts, sharing his creations online, and, now, in his latest cookbook, The Artful Baker.”

“His unbridled passion for dessert shows in his dazzling new cookbook, which he wrote, styled, photographed, and designed himself.”

“This is a coffee-table book that really should be used. But the first splatter on its pages will make you ache. Bake carefully.”
Star Tribune

“Get ready to become the DaVinci of desserts, even if you’re relatively new to baking.”
Leite’s Culinaria

“Page after stunning page, photo after stunning photo, decadent recipe after decadent recipe all make for one of the most beautiful baking books ever.”
Eat Your Books

“This gorgeous volume is filled with stories and techniques that will draw you into the kitchen to bake, sift, beat, and churn things like Tahini and Leblebi (double-roasted chickpeas) Swirl Brownies, Pistachio and Matcha Sablés, and Grape and Kefir Ice Cream.”
Katie Parla

“Delving through The Artful Baker, I was enamored with Cenk’s unique outlook on all-time favorite desserts. His understanding of several culinary cultures, thoughtful blends of ingredients, and masterful presentations will elevate your home confections to works of art.”
bestselling author and owner of Poilâne Bakery, Apollonia Poilâne

“Artistically indulgent and experimental.”
Nik Sharma

“I knew Cenk’s book would be worth the long wait, but I didn’t know it would be the most stunning baking book ever. His talent, originality, personality and passion have produced an instant classic.”
James Beard award winner, journalist, and author, Janet Fletcher

 “I’m completely speechless after reading this book, I want to run to my oven and bake until I drop.”
bestselling author of Home Baked, Yvette von Boven

There’s elegant boldness to Cenk Sönmezsoy’s The Artful Baker, with recipes that immediately look comforting, stylish and sound utterly delicious. Partnered with seriously beautiful photography, it’s the perfect gift for anyone who loves baking. Even better, keep it for yourself and just dazzle them with brilliance next time you bake.”
bestselling author and baking expert, Dan Lepard

“I’m astonished by his dedication to getting everything”right” — and not just the recipes.”
Dianne Jacob

“There's no other way to say it, The Artful Baker is a beautifully crafted masterpiece. Cenk Sönmezsoy took years to create this book and it shows. The care that went into each page is evident with every recipe detail and each stunning photograph. This book is a treasure.”
founder of, Elise Bauer

“Cenk Sönmezsoy is not only a hugely talented photographer, but a spectacular baker too. This book brings both talents together, and is pure, unfiltered delight.”
bestselling author and food critic, Tom Parker Bowles

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