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Apollo A Graphic Guide to Mankind's Greatest Mission


A Graphic Guide to Mankind's Greatest Mission

  • ISBN: 9781419732195
  • Publication Date: May 7, 2019


Price: $24.99

Illustrations, infographics, and little-known facts about NASA's Apollo program and the 1969 moon landing.

July 20, 1969, marked one of the greatest achievements of humankind—the moon landing. In his infographic-packed book, Apollo: A Graphic Guide to Mankind's Greatest Mission, Zack Scott recounts the entire journey of the Apollo space program. Unlike previous books on this topic, Apollo illustrates the tiniest details of how man came to walk on the moon, paying particular attention to many of the lesser-known facts about the mission.

Artful infographics throughout focus on a wide range of details for space-lovers to obsess over—astronaut weights, mission insignia and spacecraft call signs, fuel consumption stats, splashdown sites around the world, and much, much more. A fresh, lively approach to the subject, Apollo is the perfect combination of science, design, math, and space.

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