Antique Anatomy Tarot Kit Deck and Guidebook for the Modern Reader

The Antique Anatomy Tarot Kit

Deck and Guidebook for the Modern Reader

  • ISBN: 9781419739149
  • Publication Date: September 10, 2019


Boxed Set
Price: $29.99

Natural history meets spirituality in The Antique Anatomy TarotKit,a deluxe boxed set of cards and guidebook by award-winning artist Claire Goodchild, owner of the design studio Black and the Moon.

A tarot kit for the modern mystic, creatively reimagined with antique botanicals and anatomical drawings, here is a foil-stamped keepsake box containing a 78-card tarot deck and an accompanying guidebook.

The cards, which feature illustrations of vintage anatomical drawings collaged with plants and flowers, represent a fresh and creative interpretation of the tarot archetypes. Special features include:

  • Hinged-lid keepsake box with foil stamping
  • A 78-card deck
  • An 80-page full-color guidebook, including the complete Major and Minor Arcana, reinterpreted in unique full-color art
  • Additional card information for the Major Arcana, such as their ruling planet and element

In the accompanying guidebook, Goodchild provides insightful descriptions of the meaning of every card. With beautifully styled photography and accessible text, she explains how to set up different types of readings—including Celtic Cross and Moon Cycle spreads—and clearly outlines the numerological, elemental, and astrological associations of the cards (powerful information to have at your fingertips when you are doing readings).

This is a beautifully illustrated book and deck. The illustrations are bright and dynamic, and the guidebook has insightful general tarot tips and references: colors, numbers, and relationships between the Major Arcana come into play within the deck itself, and these are outlined in vivid detail and description in order to teach you how to handle all future readings. In the book, the individual cards are two per page, with easy-to-digest descriptions for each.

Thoughtfully and beautifully conceived, The Antique Anatomy Tarot is an inspiring tool for spiritual and personal development.

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