America's Tea Parties Not One but Four! Boston, Charleston, New York, Philadelphia

America's Tea Parties

Not One but Four! Boston, Charleston, New York, Philadelphia

  • ISBN: 9781419718748
  • Publication Date: April 5, 2016


Price: $19.95

America’s Tea Parties: Not One But Four! is the first nonfiction picture book to ever share that New York, Philadelphia, and Charleston each had their own tea party that took place around the same time as Boston’s.

America’s Tea Parties provides background on the English taxation on the colonies, with emphasis on the people who stood up for their rights against the tyranny of the British as ships from the East India Company pulled into their harbors. It explains the Stamp and Tea Acts, the larger social and political issues that the colonies were having with England, why it was crucial that these tea parties happened, and the revolution that the tea demonstrations led to.

This well-researched, eye-catching, entertaining, and informative volume is filled with archival illustrations and is great for primary research and as a read-aloud. It will surprise social studies classrooms, shake up US history curriculum, and delight American studies fans as New York, Boston, and Charleston finally join Boston in tea party fame. Award-winning and bestselling author Marissa Moss describes in detail the resilience and determination of the peoples of all four colonies. America’s Tea Parties comes complete with a timeline, a bibliography, a fully searchable index, and an author’s note that explains exactly how the author found this incredible little-told story of the tea parties that changed American history forever.


"A very fine piece of historical reclamation that broadens our understanding of the road to revolution."

“Moss (Barbed Wire Baseball) again delves into America’s past, digging beneath the veneer of textbook accounts to reveal nuanced, lesser-known angles of a historical event.”
Publisher's Weekly

"... The historical accounts are expertly told, and readers will be easily drawn in... A great purchase for supplementing American Revolution curriculum units."
School Library Journal

"This book is a quality resource for educators and students looking for an in-depth perspective of early America’s tea troubles."
School Library Connection

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