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American Originals Creative Interiors

American Originals

Creative Interiors

  • ISBN: 9780865653597
  • Publication Date: September 11, 2018


Price: $65.00

Who are the American Originals? They are photographer William Abranowicz’s pantheon of extraordinary subjects—painters, poets, rock stars, designers, tastemakers, politicians, performers—for whom the home represents the ultimate canvas of self-expression. In every one of the more than 250 photographs, most never before published, Abranowicz’s classical sensibility for light, form, and composition mingles with his innate curiosity and sense of humor, producing stunning, unconventional portraits of these living spaces and workplaces. The text recounts Abranowicz’s personal interactions with his subjects and their homes. American Originals is sure to be an essential source of inspiration not only for interior design but also for ways of living authentically and creatively in the modern world.


"William Abranowicz photographs extraordinary individuals and the unique, personal expressions of style they call home."

"A terrific book. . . . something wonderful on every page."
Martha Stewart

"American Originals is a survey of more than 250 original photos. It's the coffee table book to end it all."
Elle Decor

"The photographer, long noted for his talent for capturing the essence of rooms and their occupants, has seen a lot and documented a lot. In this new book, Abranowicz focus his lens on the places where poets, rock stars, designers, tastemakers, politicians, and other celebrities live. We see how these luminaries express themselves and their creativity in their rooms."

"Flip through virtually any design magazine today, and you'll get an 'inside look' into a celebrity's newly completed home. . . . The photographer William Abranowicz has certainly captured his fair share of these interiors in his 40-year-long career, but he's also managed to stumble across some genuinely striking homes (which often still belong to celebrities) that manage to express something warmly personal about their owners. He's compiled these interiors into American Originals."

"Tag along with veteran photographer William Abranowicz to the homes of sculptors, stylists, and actors in American Originals. And be prepared to redefine your idea of creative spaces—these are the real deal." 
House Beautiful

"In the world of interior photography, William Abranowicz is like the Beyonce of his peers--the incredibly talented and highly successful professional that's leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. For 40 years, countless homes of celebrities, painters, poets, rock stars, designers, tastemakers, politicians, and performers have been photographed under his watchful eye."

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