Adventuregame Comics: The Beyond (Book 2) An Interactive Graphic Novel

Adventuregame Comics: The Beyond (Book 2)

An Interactive Graphic Novel

  • ISBN: 9781419757815
  • Publication Date: August 22, 2023


Price: $14.99

Make decisions and pick your path to the perfect afterlife in Adventuregame Comics: The Beyond, the second book in the innovative, interactive middle-grade graphic novel series from the award-winning creator of Meanwhile.

Adventuregame Comics is a new series of interactive graphic novels from Jason Shiga in the vein of his hit graphic novel Meanwhile. Readers follow the story from panel to panel, using tubes that connect them, and sometimes the path will split, giving readers the chance to choose how the story unfolds.

The Beyond takes place in some sort of afterlife. You don’t know much when you begin, save that you’re dead and that you’ve ended up in a room that includes a door, a window, and a table with some books. You need to get out, so you try the door. And then the window. And then you finally turn to the books—and when you open them, you’re pulled into the worlds of those pages. Could these fictional worlds hold the key to your escape? Or is there more to this room than first meets the eye?


The riddle of what to read for a day of wily what-ifs is answered here in fantastic fashion.