Aurelie Levy

Aurelie Levy is a screenwriter, novelist, and documentary filmmaker. Born and raised in France, she pursued her higher education in Japan at the prestigious ICU in Tokyo where she studied history. She then extended her film and history studies at UCLA where she met Elizabeth Colomba. She then went on to write and direct six feature length documentaries. For the past 20 years she has traveled around the globe unveiling relevant stories and addressing current issues. Among the subjects she tackled are: celebrity culture, international adoption, and men in the #metoo era. Recently she has explored the hurdles of overlooked historical figures such as Stephanie Saint-Clair, the heroine of Levy and Elizabeth Colomba's debut graphic novel Queenie: Godmother of Harlem. Levy currently writes screenplays and TV series for French and US productions and hosts a podcast on writing with the largest literary media company in France. Other books by the author include the novel And the Oscar Goes To (2012) and The 21st Man (2021).