Aurelie Levy

Aurelie Levy is a French writer and director. Born and raised in Paris, she went on to study Japanese history and film at the prestigious ICU in Tokyo. She then pursued her film and history education at UCLA in Los Angeles, where she learned the ropes of the film industry and was projected into the motley universe of actor and activist. In 2007 she directed her first documentary and subsequently collaborated with Anthony Bourdain on two episodes of his infamous program No Reservations. For the past three years, Levy has been following a group of young photographers around the world for the documentary series Off the Grid. She is based in Paris. Elizabeth Colomba is an artist of Martinique descent, born and raised in France, now living in New York City. After receiving her degree in applied arts in Paris, she continued her studies in Los Angeles, where she pursued painting while working on feature films. Depicting stories featuring Black characters, Colomba analyzes the construction of identity and the tangled relationships between past, present, and future in the Black collective identity.