Year in the Garden In England, Wales and Northern Ireland

A Year in the Garden

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland

  • ISBN: 9780810967311
  • Publication Date: March 1, 2001


Price: $29.95

The great estates and country houses owned and preserved by the National Trust boast some of the most beautiful gardens in Britain. This breathtaking photographic tour invites readers to savor the seasonal pleasures of a wide variety of the Trust's gardens in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland - from small town gardens to vast expanses of landscape, from mazes and rose gardens to those with arbors and topiary. Whether capturing the shades of autumn at Sheffield Park in Sussex or snowdrops at Anglesey Abbey in Cambridgeshire, the evocative color pictures by two acclaimed landscape photographers reveal both stunning vistas and close-up details. Together with descriptive captions, they beckon tourists, armchair travelers, and Anglophiles to wander through these places of great natural beauty and historic interest. All of these gardens, and the houses and estates to which they belong, are open to the public.

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