Writing Coach in a Box

Writing Coach in a Box

Boxed Set

Price: $24.99

  • Publication Date: November 7, 2023
  • Imprint: Skittledog
  • Trim Size: 4 38 x 6 58
  • ISBN: 9781837760176
  • Page Count: 60
  • Illustrations: 20 color illustrations
  • Rights: United States and Canada

Candid expertise for novelists, copy writers, journalists, memoirists, creative writing students, and nonfiction authors in a giftable box format

Every year, nearly half a million people take up the challenge of Novel Writing Month. This huge event represents the tip of the iceberg: we love to write, but when we start, we run into the same questions that have tormented writers since the time of Homer. With 60 practical and informative cards and a 32-page book, Writing Coach in a Box is here to help and answer a range of questions: What should you look for when you’re rereading a draft? What are the most common mistakes first-time authors make? How can you inject excitement into flat prose? How do you make readers root for your protagonist? What verbs should you avoid and which must you use? Why should you mix long and short sentences?

This ingenious toolkit answers all these questions and hundreds more. Drawing on years of successful writing and publishing, as well as careful study of how-to-write manuals and style guides, Writing Coach in a Box will challenge, advise, encourage, and inspire aspiring and established writers. Because the cards address universal problems of story and style, they won’t just help novelists, but instead, anyone who writes. So whether you want to create better books, blog posts, press releases, memoirs, news stories, or screenplays, you’ll get the coaching you need.

About the author

Alan Anderson is the pen name of the Writing Coach, who works for a major UK publishing house and has written—under various names—books that have been published by HarperCollins, Profile, Laurence King, Carlton, and Red Wheel & Weiser. Anderson has also coached several authors to their first publishing deals, created hundreds of pitches for agents and publishers, and ghostwritten several memoirs and how-to titles. He lives in Brighton, UK.