World in Stamps

The World in Stamps

  • ISBN: 9780810955196
  • Publication Date: July 1, 2006


Price: $35.00

Stamps aren't just a part of history. They also provide a fascinating means to understand history. Through stamps one can chronicle the making of the modern world—and compare the diverse ways that different cultures represent the same events. In the highly original History of the World in Stamps, philatelist Laurent Lemerle has gathered more than 3,500 stamps—including a substantial number from the U.S.—and organized them thematically to showcase not only their beauty, but also their role as valuable documents of world history. Enthusiasts of all ages will discover a new way of looking at subjects like "The Wonders of Nature" and "The Space Conquest," as well as the pleasure of discovering many rare pieces that will, perhaps, inspire them in their own collecting.