Where Is Mama? A Pop-Up Story

Where Is Mama?

A Pop-Up Story

  • ISBN: 9781419707186
  • Publication Date: April 9, 2013


Price: $19.95

In this stylish and sturdy pop-up story, five little tadpoles hatch from their eggs, but their mother is nowhere to be found. They set off to find her—but how will they recognize her? What does she look like? By meeting the other animals in the pond—Mama Duck, Mama Fish, Mama Turtle, and Mama Crab—they gather the clues they need, until finally an especially loud "Ribbit, ribbit!" happily reunites the family. Young readers will delight in this charming family story, with its opportunities to identify mama and baby animals and its striking pop-up illustrations.

Praise for Where is Mama?

"Hung's gentle cartooning gives the animals personality, and the pop-ups have a nice sense of movement."

Publishers Weekly

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