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What's a Banana?

What's a Banana?

  • ISBN: 9781419721397
  • Publication Date: August 30, 2016


Price: $12.95

What can you do with a banana? You can grip it, unzip it, squeeze it, freeze it— you can even play it like a flute! With a little imagination and a sense of humor, you can transform it into anything! Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary with these charming picture books that encourage readers to look at the world in a new—more magical—way.

Also available: What's an Apple?


"Quick but savory fare, both sonic and visual, for pre- or newly independent readers."

"These are recommended additions to any picture book collection, as they will delight parents and young children and catch the interest of newly independent readers."
School Library Journal

"The book encourages creativity by asking readers to think about an ordinary object in new, uncommon ways. Furthermore, the conclusion of the story reminds children to eat fruit!"