Weekend Knitting 50 Unique Projects and Ideas

Weekend Knitting

50 Unique Projects and Ideas

  • ISBN: 9781613121030
  • Publication Date: October 1, 2011


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Knitting is more popular today than it has been for decades--it's been called "the hot new hobby" and even "the new yoga." The latest generation of knitters thrives on quick projects that are creative, fulfilling, and relaxing--and can fit into a busy lifestyle. Weekend Knitting collects 50 unique, innovative projects and ideas for the beginning- and intermediate-level knitter, many of which can be made in a weekend or less. Every project is presented in full-color photographs and with clear instructions. Weekend Knitting also features beautiful photos shot in and around real homes, evoking perfect knitting weekends filled with fresh air, friends, and delicious food. Longtime knitting expert Melanie Falick has also brought together quotes about knitting, creativity, and balanced living from such diverse sources as Virginia Woolf, Pablo Picasso, and Saint Francis of Assisi. Recipes for treats such as hot cocoa and butter cookies and tips about fun and stress-reducing activities like hand massages, taking a bath, and hosting a knitting film festival complete the weekend knitting experience.

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